I am a scientist and developer, with an emphasis on clear communication of data through visualization, presentation, and publication. Please use the menu above to navigate, or click on any of the highlights below for more information.

A New Particle Emission Algorithm

I developed a new algorithm for simulating space-charge-limited emission of charged particles from conducting surfaces for a C++ plasma physics software suite, and demonstrated it on various test problems, such as a cylindrical magnetron cathode, shown here, similar to the magnetron that powers your microwave oven. Click here to see the slide with this analysis. This presentation was created with reveal.js, a JavaScript framework for interactive browser-rendered slides which I enjoy much more than PowerPoint.

A Simple Neural Network

To teach myself the nuts and bolts of neural networks, I built a simple network with two inputs and one output, to recreate a piecewise discontinuous 2D function. I first wrote it in pure Python/NumPy and then translated it into TensorFlow.

Web Application for Mortgage Analysis

Shopping for a mortgage for my home purchase got me thinking. An agent gave me a quote for buying points (paying an upfront fee for a lower rate) and said I would make up the cost in X years. But money in X years is worth less than money today, i.e. the time-value of money (TVM). So I am making a TVM mortgage analyzer, where future values are scaled by a market rate. I created this with Dash/Plotly which is a Python framework for making JavaScript web applications.

A New Coulomb Collision Model

Coulomb collisions in plasma are notoriously hard to simulate. My latest publication is on generating large data sets from ab initio Coulomb collision simulations and then using these to create a semi-hueristic model to simulate binary Coulomb collisions in particle-in-cell simulations.

CUDA for Optimization

Writing a collection of CUDA kernels within a C routine wrapped in a MATLAB optimizer, I found an optimized series of voltages to confine a non-neutral oscillating plasma for fusion applications. The entire CUDA/C/MATLAB particle-in-cell simulation was created from scratch by me (also featuring my Coulomb collision model) as part of my Ph.D. dissertation work.